In-depth details about immigrating to Australia

In-depth details about immigrating to Australia

Australia is an amazing country that presents countless opportunities to all those who visit it. If truth be told, it is for this reason that people are so largely interested in immigrating to Australia. However, the acquisition of a visa to enter Australia isn’t always easy. This is why it is highly recommended for you to go through an extensive guide that will provide detailed information about the entire visa application process. Here’s a bit of information in this regard too:

Selecting the right visa
Before applying for an Australian visa from Dubai to immigrate to Australia, it is necessary for you to work out which visa you should apply for. You need to bear in mind the fact that there are many different categories and classifications of visas available these days. All of these are meant for particular types of applicants, and are inclusive of:

  1. Worker Visa
    On the whole, there are many different sub-categories of the worker visa. For instance, there are separate visas for doctors and nurses, whereas those who are sponsored by Australian employers need to apply for a completely different visa. The visa that you should apply for basically depends your profession and particular situation.

    2. Student Visa
    If you plan on visiting Australia for education purposes, then you need to acquire a student visa. For it, you basically have to acquire admission in an Australian education institution prior to applying for your visa. The same applies for when you want a New Zealand visa from Dubai.

  2. Family Visa
    This visa is specifically meant for people who are interested in either immigrating to Australia or just wish to visit the country through petition by family members who are permanent Australia residents. Generally speaking, this visa is also meant to be applied for by people who have married a citizen of Australia, and would like to immigrate to the country to be able to live with their spouse.

The application process

Visa applications can easily be acquired through the website of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs.  However, if you think that just sending in the visa application form is what you need to do, then you are wrong. It is necessary for you to submit supporting documentation as well. These documents are basically required so as to affirm your qualification and eligibility in terms of immigrating to Australia. The types of documents that you will need to submit depend on the type of visa that you are applying for. Furthermore, you will also have to submit the reports of a medical checkup that is to be carried out by a physician accredited by the Australian embassy.