2017’s Best Coffee-Table Books to Complement Your Interior Design

2017s-best-coffee-table-books-to-complement-your-interior-designMost people denigrate coffee table books as mere overpriced magazines. Some even call them children’s books that appeal to the rich and the elite–or simply just accents for a piece of furniture that people in a typical office’s waiting areas could peruse. However, most editors, publishers, and interior designers recognize the importance of a coffee table book beyond its complementing a coffee table.

Maggie Koerth-Baker, a science journalist, recently made a poignant observation of what the coffee table book is for. According to her review, a coffee table book bridges the gap between children’s books and the subjects they will love as adults.

So aside from office furniture in Dubai, some of our recommendations for coffee table books are below:

Nasty Galaxy (Sophia Amoruso)

Nasty Galaxy is the follow-up to the Ms Amoruso’s surprise hit, #GIRLBOSS. But while the latter is a narrative, Nasty Galaxy is highly graphic, chock-full of photos and illustrations that it often resembles a scrapbook that mated with an autobiography. If you’re a fan of #GIRLBOSS, Nasty Galaxy is (probably) an ‘enhanced’ version, but with her own take on nearly everything under the sun. And like her first book, that take is unconventional, rebellious, and straightforward. This is great selection if you’re interviewing for a female executive, for example.

The LEGO Architect (Tom Alphin)

This is one of the cheapest on this list, but one of the best and useful, as it introduces kids (and even adults) to architecture by recreating building styles around the world using Lego. And who says coffee table books are just for show or for pictures? It even offers DIY instructions to make those buildings using commonplace Lego blocks. Those pictures are a beauty, though, which makes the book ideal for architectural or design firms.

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty (various)

A coffee table bestseller, this was originally printed in 2011 but has since been reprinted and republished because of high demand. If you’re in the market to complete your coffee table book collection, this time, prefaced by Andrew Bolton, explores the design processes of one of the fashion world’s most influential designers, from his history to his ideas about ‘untouchable’ subjects like sexuality, race, and religion. A good coffee table book for an office in the fashion business.

Home (Ellen DeGeneres)

Ellen is back at it again–with a book, no less, which is suitable for real estate or interior design company. Filled to the brim with high-resolution photos of her homes, past and present over 25 years, this volume is an adventure through Ellen’s eyes, as she relates personal anecdotes about what each home meant to her and the memories in each space. And, typical Ellen, she opens the book with ‘You don’t have to have money to have good taste’. Touché, Ms DeGeneres.

Of course, coffee table books are just clutter without the appropriate coffee table or our selection of chairs at . Whether you want the sleek Lego Architect or the homey feel of Home, your selection must suit your audience and your office.