Vegetables and fruits are staple items in any kitchen. It is an essential part of human diet and gives colour and flavour to our everyday dishes. But choosing fresh produce can be tricky, that is why utmost importance is given on buying and storing them.

If you are a fan of veggies and fruits, follow these five tips to ensure that you are getting the best quality produce that you will serve for yourself or your loved ones.

  1. Lessen the purchase quantity

There are fruits and vegetables that spoil easily and do not last long.  Avoid spoilage by buying in small amounts. Get the amount that you need for at least a week. You can save money from throwaways and you can always be sure that your veggies and fruits are always good for cooking and serving. online-grocery

  1. Remember the seasons

Many varieties of produce are available throughout the year, but there are some that are only available depending on the time of the year. Seasonal fruits and veggies can be costly so be mindful of the seasons. And for greater nutritional value, buy fruits and vegetable at the peak of their freshness.

  1. Try online grocery shopping

One of the emerging trends is online grocery shopping. An online supermarket in Dubai sells garden-fresh vegetables and fruits and their inventory is always stocked. Another benefit is that they deliver your goods in a timely fashion.

If you don’t have the time to go to the market and look for fresh produce, online grocery might be something thing that you want to try. You can visit geantonline.ae to check their wide selection of fresh produce choices.

  1. Keep it raw

Pre-cut vegetables and fruits can be convenient if you are buying for a single day worth of dishes. But if you plan on storing them, it would be best to buy the raw produce. Processed and ready-to-eat harvests are prone to spoilage and their nutritional value is much less than its original form. Plus, raw goods cost much less than prepared crops.

  1. Watch out for the colours and other signs

Freshness comes in different colours and signs, so it is important that you know how to spot a fresh one from the old stock. For apples, the crops should be firm to touch and should not be soft and mealy. For broccolis, the darker the florets the better. Paying attention to the smallest details and doing research on what to look for can help you pick the freshest crops.

Buying fresh goods should always be a topmost priority for us. Be sure that you are picking the right ones so you can maximize its nutritional value.