Benefits of Getting the Services of Professional Dry Cleaners

Not all types of fabrics are created equal. The same can be said to dry cleaners, so make sure to select a good dry cleaner to take care of your clothes. A good dry cleaner will inspect the items thoroughly, checking the labels and the materials. Before handing your clothes to a Dubai Marina laundry establishment, check the labels and make sure the cleaner knows the fabrication. If there are stains on the clothes, let the cleaner know about them.

Here are some of the benefits that professional dry cleaners could offer:


Dry cleaning does not involve the use of soap and water. It uses a chlorinated solvent that flushes out grease and dust. There are cleaners that are eco-friendly, using less toxic and less polluting solvents instead. Dry cleaners usually use the latest technology to clean, preserve and even restore the good condition of your clothes. They don’t just specialise in clothes; some also handle upholstery and draperies. As dry cleaning professionals are also textile care specialists, you can rest assured that your upholstered pieces of furniture are handled with utmost care.

Extends the life of your clothes

As mentioned, dry cleaning doesn’t involve water and soap. This reduces the risks of fading and shrinkage. Removing serious body odour and water-based stains, however, can be challenging. But you shouldn’t worry because a professional cleaner has other means to remove these messes. He might steam or used a water-based chemical to remedy the problem. There are even dry cleaning establishments that use ozone treatment to remove strong odour and restore water- and smoke-damaged items.


You just need to drop your clothes off and pick them up. There are dry cleaners that offer pick-up and delivery too. Also, the process of removing grease stain, which may take you 40 washes at home, may only take 10 to 20 minutes through dry cleaning. You don’t also need to iron the clothes as the dry cleaners will give the clothes professional finishing, making the garments crisp and wrinkle-free. They also repair loose buttons if necessary.

It’s okay to DIY your ‘hand wash only’ and ordinary clothes. However, when it comes to suits, particularly wool suits, items with a lining, skirts and dresses with pleating, and other ‘dry clean only’ items, make sure to get the services of professional cleaners. You may go to this website for your laundry needs.