There’s a Unique Cruise Experience for Everyone: Choose Yours Now!

Family Cruises

Family CruisesIf you are a married person with kids, try cruise lines with larger ships. Those ships are usually providing more fun activities for different age groups to enjoy. There are some cruises with supervised programs for young kids. For teenagers, some cruises are offering basketball courts, ice skating rinks, walls for rock climbing, and many other activities. With the help of family cruises, parents can sit back and relax knowing that their children are being supervised by professionals. With this, we can say that family cruises are perfect for both parents and children.

Honeymoon cruises

On the other hand, if you are just starting your own family, honeymoon cruises are for you. A romantic stay on a cruise ship is perfect for newlywed couples to celebate wedding. Cruise lines usually offer hassle-free vacation packages for newlyweds. They usually attract new couples with elegant dining tables for two and a wide selection of great-tasting champagnes and fresh flowers.

Senior Cruises

If there are cruises for families and new couples, there are also cruises for senior citizens. It is not too late for seniors to experience their first cruise because more and more cruises are now catering senior travellers. If you’re a senior citizen wanting a cruise stay with a children-free and peaceful atmosphere, then senior cruises are for you. Many senior travellers choose river cruises and small ship cruises than huge passenger cruise ships because of intimacy and a quieter atmosphere. Senior travellers usually prefer relaxation and learning during their stay at cruises.

Single cruises

There is a cruise ship for everyone, even for those who are not yet in luck of finding their better half. In some cases, if you are planning to cruise all by yourself, you will find yourself paying twice the rates you have initially expected. To avoid this, check if the cruise line’s single supplement rates. By doing this, you will know how much does it cost for a single occupant. Also take note that there are some cruises offering “single shares”. This means a guest is agreeing to share his/her cabin with another person. Together, they will pay the advertised rates.

Aside from the above mentioned cruise types, there are many others: adventure types of cruises, food and wine cruises, luxury cruises, themed cruises, transatlantic cruises, and world cruises. If you are planning on your first/next cruise adventure, we can be of service to you. Dhow Cruise Dubai offers the best deals in the market. Visit today to know more details.