Some people were born as natural event planners and coordinators while some hardly know how to start an event. In the case of the latter, fret not, because there are thousands of resources available online that can aid you in becoming a better event planner and promoter. The best thing of it all is that they are free! Yep, you read that right. FREE! No need to spend your hard-earned money just to attend paid seminars or training sessions on event planning. While this list is not exhaustive, this is a good starting ground for you when you are still at lost about the job. But do not worry! In case you get stuck and the event you or your company or client is about to have is nearing, you can get the best promoters in Dubai through Dubai Hostesses. Click here to visit their website.

OHSC Free Online Event Planning Course

Oxford Home Study College offers a quality online course on event management for £ 0. There are three main topics in their course. One covers the 101 on event management – what it is all about. The second specifies the Five Ws of creating an event and the theme or concept. Finally, you will learn about the basic marketing strategies you can employ in promoting your event.

The New Rules On Viral Marketing: A Free Ebook

David Meerman Scott came up with a free to read ebook uploaded on his site that talks about viral marketing and how it can help spread news about your event like wildfire. You can get success stories of viral marketing done right, as well as comparisons on the old, traditional methods of marketing. There are also amazing takeaways you can get from the book that you can apply to your event.

Open Source Event Management Softwares

There are lots of free and open source event planning and management softwares on the Internet. But if you go to this link, you will see 12 of them that are very useful for your event. You can find software for seat planning, contact form creation, sending electronic invites a.k.a. E-vites, event registration, and more.

Make sure to check these resources out if you want to learn more on event management but do not want to break the bank. If your event team has budget though and have the capacity to splurge or paid apps such as ticketing software, look at the bottom of that same article and you will see a list of paid software that have been rated well by users.

Good luck and enjoy the event planning process!