Buying a bathtub can get really exhausting. When you go out to look, you’ll find a number of different shapes and colours that will make you very confused. You need to buy the perfect bathtub but according to your needs. So before going to market you need to evaluate what kind of tub do you need how much space do you have and other factors like these.

So, you need to ask series of question to yourself before buying a maison valentina bathtub:

  • Firstly, you need to decide how much you want to use your tub. Normal tub is sufficient for you or do you need tub with features like air blowers, aromatherapy, water heaters. Some tubs also have channels or Jets for the passage of air that helps in giving massaging air. Extras like grabbing bars and anti-slippery floor increase the price of the tub. The more features you need in your tub and the more expensive it gets.
  • Also, before buying the tub, you need to determine the space you have for the installation of a bathtub as suggested by one of the best corian company in Dubai. An average bathtub is 60 inches long, 30 inches wide and 14 inches deep. You also need to check in which direction draining system is present in your bathroom. And some bathtub designs to not have shower it’s so you need to choose a design that can be used by your family too.
  • If you have a big bathroom space and you plan on installing a jetted bathtub do you also need to consider that pump, air switch and electric timer are also installed. The pump can be fitted with the bathtub unit or it can also be placed at the distance of 5 feet in a closet.
  • Another important factor is that in tub one third cold water and two third hot water is used. Bathtubs can hold different number of gallons of water. So first you need to determine that how much water can fill up your bathtub and is your heating system can produce its equivalent hot water.
  • If you are planning on buying a cast iron bathtub then you also need to determine that what is the weight of that it up because it can range up to thousand pounds. Also, you need to determine that you are floor can withstand search large amount of weight or do you need supporters for the installation of bathtub. Also, if you want to place a heavy bathtub on 2nd floor then it is also a hard and expensive task.