Not all people are slim; some have normal while others can be categorized in the plus size category. Unfortunately, fashion industry has followed an impractical approach of only promoting a specific category of clothing. Either they didn’t know or deliberately overlooking the fact that almost 50% women around the world belong to the plus size category. The numbers bring a startling picture of the industry. When you realize the almost 50% market lost interest in the fashion as they didn’t find the right clothes, you begin to see the big picture. This has been the case for a several decades. Here is more on why big manufacturers were initially reluctant to make plus size clothes initially which delayed the arrival of plus size fashion to some extent:

More Cloth And Less Attraction

There have been instances when plus size clothing was known by odd names. Either way, apparel makers were reluctant to invest into plus size clothing for a number of reasons. The foremost reason was that it requires almost twice as much raw material to make a plus size cloth compared to other types. From a business point of view, this point holds weight. However, when you consider it under the context of current demand, it is an impractical approach. Retailers are cloth makers are literally losing half of the market by following this approach. Lately, the trend is tilting the other side and we are eventually seeing what we should’ve seen many years ago.

The Rise Of Plus Size Fashion

It was not before 2012 that clothing businesses began to realize what they’ve been losing out for so long. It is evident that more and more fabric and clothing businesses are now paying attention to plus size clothing. Though you can easily find a very large collection of plus size dresses online, retailers are only now taking interest in this niche of clothing. Better late than never, and plus size customers couldn’t be happier. Since the clothing industry is now finally opening doors for plus size clothing, it is evident that more manufacturers will take interest in this niche.

More plus size clothing designs are becoming available online while some also find place in retail stores. You will also find more retailers reserving space for plus size clothes only which was not the case before. Also, plus size clothes are by no means as expensive as their slim counterparts. All signs indicate that this niche of clothing will grab more market share in years to come.