The Art Of Defense: Armored Vehicle Tactics And Strategies

In modern warfare and security operations, armored vehicles play a crucial role in providing protection to personnel and assets. Effective employment of armored vehicles requires the understanding and application of various tactics and strategies. This article delves into the art of defense and explores some key armored vehicle tactics and strategies employed by military forces and security organizations. Click this to get info about the best bulletproof cars in the world.

Armor protection and positioning:

One of the fundamental tactics in armored vehicle defense is maximizing the protection offered by the vehicle’s armor. Armored vehicles are designed to withstand ballistic and explosive threats, and proper positioning can enhance their defensive capabilities. Vehicles should be positioned in a way that provides cover and concealment, taking advantage of terrain features or natural obstacles to shield themselves from enemy fire.

Fire and maneuver:

Fire and maneuver is a classic tactic employed by armored vehicles to engage the enemy effectively. This tactic involves a combination of suppressive fire and movement to outflank or overwhelm the adversary. Armored vehicles provide firepower support to disorient or suppress enemy positions while coordinating with infantry units or other armored vehicles to execute flanking maneuvers, encircling the enemy or gaining advantageous positions.

Ambush and counter-ambushes:

Ambushes and counter-ambushes are tactical maneuvers used to surprise and engage the enemy. Armored vehicles can be employed to set up an ambush by hiding in strategic locations and then quickly engaging the enemy with overwhelming firepower. Conversely, armored vehicles can also be utilized to counter enemy ambushes by quickly identifying the threat and responding with a combination of evasive maneuvers, suppressive fire, and counterattacks.

Convoy protection:

In convoy operations, armored vehicles play a vital role in providing protection to the entire convoy. The use of an armored vehicle at the front and rear of the convoy, known as the “lead” and “trail” vehicles, helps deter and respond to potential attacks. These vehicles are responsible for maintaining situational awareness, scanning for threats, and coordinating with other convoy elements to ensure the safety and security of the entire convoy.

Overwatch and support:

Armored vehicles can also be employed in an overwatch and support role, providing cover and fire support to friendly forces. By occupying elevated positions or using their mobility to gain vantage points, armored vehicles can engage enemy targets from a distance, neutralizing threats and providing crucial support to infantry units or other elements on the ground.