Solid surfaces are basically man-made materials that are prepared using bauxite, marble dust, acrylic, polyester resin along with pigments. The reason why it has been given the name “solid surface” is because the material happens to be solid all through its thickness.

For those who don’t know, these are basically low maintenance, non-porous, stylish and extremely durable surfaces. It is available in the form of sheets in several thicknesses. The different sheets can easily be joined together to create an invisible seam. In case it is scratched or broken, it can easily be repaired by a fabricator, and in other cases, it can be formed to shape.

The best part about solid surfaces is that these are available in countless color options and visual textures. Apart from that, you can also acquire solid surface table tops in a variety of color combination to enhance the overall effect of granite, marble and wood grain. At the end, you can add to the beauty of its finishing with a matte finish or high gloss finish depending on its overall application.

A major reason behind the popularity of solid surfaces is that these are resistant to mildew and stain. Apart from that, it is anti-bacterial. This is because it is non-porous, which means it provides no space for the bacteria to hide. On top of it all, the material is tolerant to heat and cold too.

If truth be told, there are countless application of solid surfaces. If you see here, you will realize that a majority of people out there believe it is meant to be used only for bathroom vanity tops and kitchen countertops. If truth be told, it is the perfect alternative available these days to the more expensive marble countertops. Most importantly, the material itself is very user-friendly, which makes it the perfect choice in a home setting. It is worth spending a bit extra on solid surfaces as compared to the traditional laminate, considering that these countertops have the potential to tolerate a lot more abuse.

The good news is that solid surface can also be used to prepare window sills, mantels, table tops, and mudrooms etc. If truth be told, there are literally no limitations as such on the ways in which this amazing material can be used at home. It is for reasons such as these that it has become so popular in the last couple of years.