3 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures That Can Work for You

Do you practice responsible oral and dental care? Do you floss, brush at least twice a day, and visit your dentist yearly? Those are the minimum requirements for taking care of your teeth, but if you’re careless, you can be exposing your mouth to various types of health problems.

While there are people who are blessed with good genes and have straight, white teeth, not everyone have the won the same genetic lottery. If you have crooked teeth and they have stains from habitual smoking and drinking coffee, chances are you need these three cosmetic dentistry procedures.


In social settings, your smile is your primary weapon for impressing your peers. You may be dressed sharply, but if you’re not seen as someone who smiles, some people may see you as a snob, and that’s just not good for establishing both personal and professional networks. Crooked teeth can decrease some of your self-confidence, and if your misaligned teeth give you distress, your dentist can fix that.

You have three options in straightening your teeth: metal, ceramic, and invisible braces. Traditional metal braces can look awkward especially if you’re supposed to wear them for at least two years. On the other hand, ceramic braces are shaded exactly like your teeth, so they’re not really as conspicuous as the metal type. For invisible braces, these are plastic trays that you wear, without virtually anyone noticing that you do. All three dental braces are adjustable and in just several years, you can straighten your teeth and gain more confidence, too.

Teeth Whitening

Apart from crooked teeth, stained teeth also plague millions of people around the world. After all, most people in most cultures love smoking cigarettes and tobacco and drinking coffee and tea. If you’re a part of this demography, you probably know their effects on your teeth but, like most people, you do it anyway.

The good part about this is that your dentist can still fix it. Simple prophylaxis can brush away minor stains, but for widespread staining, perhaps teeth whitening can work best for you. You can either buy over-the-counter products and apply these gel-based products on your teeth or go ahead and ask your dentist for an in-office procedure. The first option costs less and will last for a few days, but if you’re serious about oral care, you can consider the second option for longer lasting effects.

Dental Crowns and Implants

If your dental issues surpass misalignment and staining, and if you have had tooth extractions before, perhaps dental crowns and implants will work better for you. Your dentist will, in effect, “replace” your lost tooth with a ceramic nugget that looks just like one of your teeth. He or she will use a short and narrow titanium rod that will serve as the root for the ceramic crown, and your mouth will feel more complete.

Address oral health care issues early and consult your trusted dentist for these cosmetic dentistry options.