There is no denying the fact that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD has the potential to affect the personal, social and professional life of a patient that is suffering from its severe symptoms. If you are suffering from its symptoms and looking for OCD treatment in Dubai, then you must initially understand the major causes behind OCD. There are many different views on the topic as to what causes the onset of OCD. Researchers and experts have conducted a number of research studies to understand and explain the root causes of this disorder.  With thorough observation of OCD patients and some guess work, many researchers believe that certain imbalances in the brain due to improper chemical serotonin are responsible for the onset of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. On the other hand, some accuse imbalances in some particular genes or chromosomes for triggering OCD in many patients. Another theory suggests that people who have a family history of OCD are at maximum risk and the probability of them getting affected with OCD is very high.

There is a general perception that OCD patients lack in performing a number of brain functions and are considered to have inferior brain functions than a normal person. In some cases of OCD, brain dysfunction is not something out of the question, but it doesn’t mean that all OCD patients can be characterized under the same category.  Supporters of this argument put weight to their opinion by referring to an actual study of a living brain that revealed that patients with OCD suffer from an abnormal brain activity.  Moreover, they explain how it affects a specific brain circuit that results as recurring behaviors that we know as obsessions.

While another group of researchers claim that a certain chromosome or gene is responsible for OCD. According to many studies worldwide it is observed that people with family history of OCD have thirty to forty percent more chances to have OCD in inheritance. Although even this theory is not yet confirmed as it does not point that OCD is only caused due to hereditary reasons.

Another study highlighted cellular breakdown in the body that affects a number of functions of the cell that they perform in a healthy body. Streptococcal infection is found guilty for triggering cellular breakdown in an individual that increases the chances or OCD for them significantly. A German psychiatrist in Dubai suggests that there is not a single or particular cause behind this disorder. It can be triggered by any of the above or due to more than one of these reasons together in an individual.