Overseas applicants can bring a lot to the table when it comes to improving your business. For one, they are already trained and well-versed with the job they applied for. There is also advantages of labor cost and benefits.


But the greatest thing that a foreign worker can offer is the new perspective to the business and helps you to innovate your business style. Some companies find it very beneficial to hire foreign nationalities because it also promotes diversity to the team.

If you are an employer or an HR professional looking to bring in a foreign talent to a team, the first thing that you need to do is know what countries you should consider when looking for applicants. You can start off by researching the specialization per region. For example, Asia Pacific is known for their technological advances and specialization in the sectors of agriculture and hospitality. If your business is related to hotels, these regions will be most likely your target locations for overseas recruitment. You can go in-depth with research by knowing the culture of these country and their job etiquette.

Once you have the list, you can consult with a consulting firm for additional insights. More or less, these recruitment agencies can validate or negate your research and give you an idea on how you can acquire talents abroad. A recruitment agency Dubai operator can match your recruitment needs to their bank of overseas applicants. These operators also have contacts on other overseas agencies that can give you a number of referrals.

Another way to scout foreign talent is to leverage your connection. Ask a friend overseas if he can recommend someone to you. The benefits of getting referral from a friend is that you can have an initial insight on his referred candidate and you can immediately inquire about the body of work of this person.

You can also leverage your social media channels to look for a talent from other places. You can join specialized groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to post for jobs. Just be clear on your posting and give your contact details so that applicants can send resume and ask relevant questions about the job offer.

Once you found the right candidate, do an initial background check by visiting out their profiles and check the legitimacy of their social media accounts.  Remember to be cautious on contacting candidates online. Ask the straightforward questions about their work experience and character. If possible, have a trusted middleman or agency like  to help you on scouting and contacting these candidates.

Bringing in a foreign talent can be the best recruitment decision you can make to grow your company. But always ensure these candidates are the perfect-fit that you are looking and also go with character and good work ethics.