Dubai is one of the busiest and most modern cities in the world today. With its advanced infrastructure, man-made islands, and fast cars, it’s a leisure and business hub that attracts tourists and expatriates from across the globe. Despite the hot climate and the potential of sandstorms, it is still an attractive place to live and work in.


Speaking of expatriates, a lot of diplomats and business executives who are assigned to Dubai also bring their family with them. After all, living in a foreign land can be challenging in so many ways, and these busy professionals need their family for physical, emotional, and social needs.

While the wives and the elder children can take care of themselves, the younger ones need special care and attention. Diplomats and expatriates take their kids to the best schools, and international schools are among their favorites. They do so for these five reasons.


Most diplomats come from first world countries. They’re used to quality education, and, as much as possible, they would like the same for their kids. They send their kids to international schools that use American and British standard curricula. You can find American and British curriculum schools in Dubai if you’re interested in enrolling your child in those established institutions.

Class size

International schools also allow only a handful of students per class. This encourages teachers to focus on their 15 to 20 students, giving them the attention they need for competitive and efficient learning in the classroom. With a relatively small class size, the students will get to maximize the resources allotted for their learning.

Quality Educators

Established British international schools in Dubai also focus on their teachers. Any professional in any industry receiving a competitive salary package and benefits will perform well, after all. Expats send their kids to these private, international schools because they understand the importance of teachers in a student’s life. Teachers are a great source of inspiration and energy, and those expats prefer quality over quantity for their beloved children.


Good international schools also offer the best facilities for their students. They have state-of-the art buildings, well-built classrooms, and a generally child-friendly environment. These schools also have great libraries, sports facilities, and competent people who take care of these. If you’re a student who goes to one of these high-quality international schools, you will be more likely to perform in school and be inspired by how much your school and your parents take good care of you and your education.

Sociocultural Exposure

International school administrators also focus on social education for their valuable students. Apart from traditional classroom trainings and physical education sessions, trips to museums, concert halls, and nature are also encouraged. Educators understand how essential it is to stimulate children’s overall development, and sociocultural learning is of course a key factor in holistic growth.

With these benefits, it’s no wonder that diplomats and business professionals send their children to international schools.