5 Gift Ideas for the Best People in Your Life

It’s barely a month to go before Christmas arrives. How did 2016 go by so fast? At this time, shopping malls are offering discounts because they know it’s gift giving time again. Have you considered what to give your parents this Christmas? Do they have a wish list? Will you also give your boss and colleagues something you hope they will like?

If you haven’t really thought about your gift list and if you don’t want to go to a mall packed with people rushing their gifts, here are five ideas for the best people in your life.


Today’s leading smartphone creators in the market releases new versions of their products each year. If you know that your beloved sister wants to upgrade her smartphone, perhaps you can give her the latest model with the upgraded specs. You can also offer to finance half of their mobile phone purchase and they will be just as happy this Christmas. You can also buy the latest games for your brother’s console.


High-quality earrings, necklaces, or bracelets can be the best Christmas gift for your mother. A classy pearl earring will look well with your mother’s simple dress. Your father will surely love to receive a new wristwatch from you, too. Though not necessarily considered jewelry, cufflinks and even tie bars can also be great for your father’s suits.

Shoes and Clothes

Though not as expensive as gadgets and jewelry, shoes and clothes are also favorite gifts that your closest friends will never forget. Give your best buddy that pair of sneakers that he’s been talking about for months. Buy your boss a crisp dress shirt that will complement his dark suits. Your cousins will also appreciate getting a carefully chosen turban or burka from you.

Home Décor

If you have already given the first three options to your favorite people before, why not give them home décor and even appliances this Christmas? A peaceful-looking landscape of their favorite vacation place is a good idea. A simple reading lamp will be useful for a friend who loves to read. You can even offer to renovate your parents’ bathroom if you have the funds.


When all else fails, give your friends food this Christmas and they’ll appreciate it. That box of premium chocolates is perfect for a trusted friend in the office. Get a pair of wine and cheese for your girlfriend. Treat your boyfriend to monthly buffets to their favorite Japanese restaurant for the entire 2017. People love to eat and drink and be merry and they will surely love receiving food items this holiday.

No matter what your Christmas gift is, it’s important that you choose something you know the receiver will like, not just anything that you would like for yourself. Consider these five ideas and start wrapping gifts.