According to psychology experts, different people interpret and express love in different ways. There are those who prefer to hear and say the words, and there are others who show their affection with touch. Moreover, some people are quite satisfied with service, cooking for their spouse or driving their kids to school without complaining.

Perhaps the most popular way of showing love and adoration is giving and receiving gifts. You don’t need to shower your family and friends with material things, but a thoughtful gesture goes a long way especially if your effort shows through that gift. If your loved ones’ special day is coming soon, do consider these fun gift ideas to show your love.

New Gadgets

Phone, laptop, and playing console manufacturers find more advanced ways to let people enjoy their lives. New smartphones get updated every year, more apps and games become available, and everyone seems to be clamoring for the latest model to enjoy the best gadget experience. If your brother’s, niece’s, or best friend at work’s birthday is coming soon, why not give them the latest smartphone or may even have their existing one upgraded?

Their Dream Pair of Shoes

It seems that, regardless of cultural background, women love shoes and they’ll love you more if you give that their dream pair. If you have no idea about the details of your wife’s favorite type, brand, or even shoe size, go ahead and ask your sister or colleague for tips. It’s your wife’s birthday after all, so a little effort won’t hurt.


Women may love shoes, but there’s that old saying that advises that precious gems are forever. You may not need to but your wife an expensive diamond earring, but of course gold, platinum, or silver will do. The material may not even matter in some cases especially if the design is exquisite and you really spent time choosing the right piece. Your wife will surely appreciate that.

A Simple, Romantic Date

In today’s hectic lifestyle, a simple romantic date can also go a long way in showing your love and care for your wife or girlfriend. Spend the night at hotel and unwind after a delicious meal. Treat your wife to a movie date. The relaxing time will help make more memories for you and your wife.

The Luxury Car Experience


If you can’t afford to give your father his own luxury car yet, perhaps you can ask about a rolls royce car rental dubai and let him drive it around the city for a day as your birthday present. He had his own sacrifices in giving you that excellent education, so why not rent a luxury car in dubai as a gift in return? Your dad will be touched by your gesture and your love and respect for each other will grow more.

Express your appreciation of your loved ones’ presence in your life and enjoy the healthy relationships that you so cherish.