5 Key Characteristics of a Good Mass Transportation Driver

Not everyone has the luxury of driving his or her own car. Millions of people in most cities worldwide depend on mass transportation, riding a bus, taxi, or other means of commuting every day for work and even leisure. While there are lucky ones who benefit from organized public transport, most people have to endure hours of heavy traffic each day, losing time that should have been allotted for family and personal development.

While mass transport systems themselves can be chaotic, sometimes it’s the one at the helm of these vehicles that can change commuters’ stressful commute time. Good Samaritan stories about honest taxi drivers and kind bus drivers abound in social media, and it’s refreshing to hear about those stories.

Here are five defining characteristics of a good mass transport driver:


In many aspects, time develops a person’s wisdom. A master sushi chef can give better quality sushi than his young apprentice, after all. Like in most professions, the same can be said for mass transport drivers. Experienced drivers know the ins and outs of a place’s streets. They somehow understand the struggle of daily commuters. Their fruitful years on the job servicing tired workers have given them the right mindset for daily driving.


With experience, of course, comes responsibility. A good taxi or bus driver knows the importance of time. They help commuters come to their meetings on time, reach friends in need in the wee hours of the morning, and are aware of the importance of meeting and even exceeding their route schedules. They know that thousands of their passengers depend on them for mobility.


Drivers who are conscious of their time are generally deemed to be respectful. They know how challenging it is for elders and parents with young children to climb the steps to the bus, and they understand how heavy it must be for a travel-weary business expatriate to carry his or her suitcase from the back of the car. They exert extra effort to be courteous to their passengers because know how hard it is to keep working despite suffering from perpetual back pains.


Good mass transport drivers are careful, too. Since they know the traffic lights around their city, they have a great sense of timing and thus avoid costly and dangerous vehicular accidents. They are also aware of the local traffic rules, are law-abiding, and have a keen sense of keeping their passengers and their vehicle safe.

Willing to Learn

Good drivers are not necessarily the older, more experienced ones, too. Even a young taxi or bus driver can be a good one, especially if he is willing to learn. With a strong sense of love for his job, he will develop reliability, courtesy, and safety through the years.

While these five features show how good a mass transport can be, there are also other gauges of being good. Why not ask your favorite bus driver his favorite car and learn more about his daily life?